Following the goose
Following the goose at the bottom of the lane
after the curve that passes the channel
you will find that near the oven
is the most beautiful house in the world.

Circle of the mountains form the boundary
leaves , herbs and flowers from fans carpet
and over the roof tiles of the time worn
go so boundless heavens.

Behind a fence made ​​of flowers
opens the garden full of smells
and the clumps of trees scattered in the meadow
invite the shade a heart satisfied.

Under the pergola between the green shoots
unripe bunches hang
and the big willow tree sways in the wind
sweet and serene: he is not crying!

And she is there ISLAND fair
clear serene abode true
welcomes the sun by the first rays
and accompanied him for a thousand trips.

Then the moon will whiten leaves
by the gentle wind caressing
and she is there solid and fair
warm and snug in the storm.

House full of sweet dreams
safe place, a refuge loved
looks so much like the big oak tree
that strong and mighty
rises in the meadow.

november 1996